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Feel That Jungle Beat, And Get Moving With Your Animal Friends!



Hi! My name is Squirt. I like to store nuts for the winter. I can’t wait to groove with you!


Ribbit! My name is Robert. I like to leap around with my friends. Get moving, get grooving!


Hello! My name is Ren. I like to hop around town. Move and groove with me!


Growl! My name is Brenda. I like to walk on all fours. Get outside and get grooving!


What’s up! My name is Gina. I like to pick leaves from tall trees. Come on down and groove!

It's time to get off that couch and get your dance moves on with Jungle Groove. Explore your surroundings  in a fun and interactive way that will keep you engaged and moving as you search for your Jungle Friends.

How Children Can Use the App


Jungle Groove is just what you’ve been looking for. Our easy-to-use AR-focused app is very straightforward and was created to encourage young children to interact with their environment in an innovative and engaging way. Once you have downloaded Jungle Groove, you will need to:

  1. Pick an animal.

  2. Scan a Zap AR code to get a tour of Jungle Groove from our friend, Oliver!

  3. Click on the treasure map and start exploring for your other jungle friends.

  4. Each jungle friend will have you scan another Zap AR code on your phone and teach you a Groovy dance. 

  5. After finding all the jungle Grooves, put it all together to reveal the treasure chest!


Prarents Love To See Their Kids Moving Again!

“It's been hard to get my daughter Abby to be active since COVID cut out a lot of our playgroup time. Since downloading Jungle Groove we have been out dance, exploring, and having a blast every day!”

Jamie Stuart, Mother of Abby


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